A few days ago I went to visit my old baseball coach and his wife. He was my coach, along with my dad and some friends’ dads, for about ten years. I hadn’t seen them since I returned in March. Actually hadn’t seen them since 2012. We talked for hours about my time in Korea, what they’d been up to, they showed me all the changes they’s made to their property. We talked about the town and the families that make up the fabric of what that place is, wether it be funny or downright annoying. We talked of the new parish priest in town and how he has been divisive by being assertive. It may seem boring and trivial but I hadn’t felt that sense of belonging and normal-ness for quite some time and it felt good to be with people who knew me when I was young, knew where I came from and understand how I got to be what I am today and indeed shaped who I am. It’s also strange and kind of beautiful how two people who were authority figures, pretty much other parents when I was young, become friends as I have gotten older.

On an unrelated note, it was sunny and 80 degrees for two days before going back to the gloomy rain that’s been coming down for two months. I had forgotten how depressing the not summer months can be here.


Author: ashesgrammar

I've been living and teaching in Seoul, Korea, off and on for 7 years. I take other trips around Asia as well. I write about them sometimes. I hope you laugh at my buffoonery.

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