I’m New Here, Too


I’m amazed how many people, after I tell them I recently returned to America after living in Korea, ask me if I was in North Korea or South Korea. I guess it’s partly my fault for not specifying, but no one in Korea refers to is as “South Korea.” It’s just Korea. And after being there so long I dropped the south bit. But I would have thought it was common knowledge that Americans aren’t really allowed in North Korea. It’s doable but expensive and we generally just don’t go there.

Anyway I mowed the acre yard we have today with a push mower because the battery in the riding lawn mower is dead. Yaaaaaay cardio.


Author: ashesgrammar

I've been living and teaching in Seoul, Korea, off and on for 7 years. I take other trips around Asia as well. I write about them sometimes. I hope you laugh at my buffoonery.

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